1825 Directory (Marown Parish)

[Part of 1825 New Commercial Directory of Scotland ]


Bridson Mr. Ballaquinnea-beg
Cain Mrs. Ballagrane
Curran Wm. Esq., C. P. Ballaingan
Clacas Jno. esq. Ballanicholas
Clague John, Esq. Crosby,
Clucas J. Esq. Ballaquinnea-moar
Clucas Mrs. Garth
Clucas Thos.Esq. Corvalley
Cottier Rev. John, Ballayemmey
Cretney.Robt. Esq. Braid
Dunlop Anthony, Esq. H. K. Ballakelley
Howard,Mrs. Ballvagher
Kewley Mrs. Ballafreer
Kelly Wm. Esq. Ballaglonney
Kelly Robt. Esq. Craig-y-voar
Kelly Wm. Esq. Trellaby
Kelly – Esq. Ballavitchal
Kermotte John, Esq. .Ballachrink
Key Robert, Esq. Ballakey
Llewellyn John Esq. Airey-kellag
Moore Thos, esq. Ballagarey
Quilliam Captain, R. N. Ballacallin
Quine Robert esq. Ballaharry
Sinclair J. Esq. Craigvey
Stephen Rev Thomas vicar
Wilks Colonel H.K. Ballahutchin


  1. Site of Ch. and B.G., Treen of Balynicholas About 280 yds. E.N.E. of Ballachrink house. O.S. XIII/5

Cresset-stones. Ballaquinney Keeill, Ballingan, and S. Trinian’s, M. A socket.stone found at Ballachrink Keeill.

During his visit to Man in 1774 Pennant seems to have made arrangements with the Vicars to supply him with a description of the features of their respective parishes. The account of the Rev. John Christian, Vicar of Kirk Marown from 1753 to 1780, was published by Mr. A. W. Moore, S.H.K., in Yn Lioar Manninagh, vol. ii, pp. 29-31. Only three of these accounts appear to have survived, namely that of Kirk Marown referred to above, and two which have not yet been printed.

“Will Kermott and Will Gycke for hunting and killing hares upon Sunday morning before prayers. One day in the Ecclesiastical Prison a peece, and not to do the like again”.

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