Kermott Chronicles
Percival (Percy) Bond Kermott

My Family

Frank (Ronian) William Kermott
Gertrude Iona (Bond) Kermott
Percival (Percy) Bond Kermott
b. April 26, 1886   d. 1957
Married Ruby (Leigh) Kermott
on Sept 5, 1915
William Joseph Kermott (Dad)
Robert Leigh Kermott

Grandpa was an insurance adjuster during the great depression for Robert's Insurance Co. Percy was the "Voice of Safety". He would have speakers on the top of his car and would remind people when they were j-walking or other ordinances. He would tell them rather loudly. He had the usual Kermott sense of humor. I need to talk to dad more about grandpa. I don't know him well enough yet. Karen was three when he died so y'all can do the math! [Percy] Percival Bond Kermott (September 1880?-1957)
Ruby Ethel Leigh (April 4, 1887 to Dec 5, 1984?)
Married on June ?, 1917 in ?.
Percival was a claims estimator for an insurance company in Milwaukee during the depression and was able to support his family well considering the rough times.
Percival and Ruby had two children: Robert ? (1924?-1978?) and William Joseph (1931-present) If dinner guests stayed late Grandpa was known to wind up his pocket watch and say, "I'm glad I'm home!" If they still didn't get the hint then he would go upstairs to bed.
When a salesman would tell him the price of something that was rather expensive he would say, "That would be cheap at half the price!"
Grandma was in a woman's circle at church and she told a joke. "Where does a ghost keep his sheets? In the sheet-house!" Nobody cracked a smile. Dad doesn't think she understood the joke.
in charge of electric wiring up the coast from Milwaukee to Waukeegan (North Shore Line). He left that job to start up a farm. Everybody laughed when Grandpa Percy couldn't get the horse to the wagon and so brought the wagon to the horse. Kenny Peters and Dad used to double date. Walk down by ___. Cross the Menominee River . Dad's first date with a girl and was boasting that he could cross it 'cause it was usually low water at that point. That was the last date he had with her. It was floding at that time and he made it three feet to the other shore. They walked around and all the houses were dark. Dad wanted to call his dad to have him pick them up but didn't want to go to any of those houses. They decided to go back to the car and by that time it had dried out and they were able to start the car and drive out and the first stop sign that they come to he tried to brake and 2303 N. 46th street (from the picture) Percy made a train set for Robert (picture). Dad thought it was for him too. Both Bob and Dad had Scarlet Fever at the time. Lionel Train set. Street lights, crossing signals, lights in the houses, cars on the streets, people on the sidewalks. That's where Dad got his love of trains.
Aooga horn.
Grandpa Frank would give dad or Bob a quarter once in a while. Frank would offer a dime or a nickle to Bob and Dad and Dad would take tht nickle and Bob then got the dime. Dad went to buy a People would throw apples into the hippo's mouth. Dad went to the zoo across the street and he would say "Open" and the hippo would open his mouth and Dad tossed the apple in and it got stuck in his teeth. Some kids were teasing the Elephants and the elephant would get a large drink of water and soak them. The Giraffe's would eat the grass from Dad's hands. They had really long tongue's that would wrap around the grass. Dad would be awakened by the Peacocks sounding like someone calling "Help! Help!" The Puma cough. Rabbits in with the Peacocks and Dad would occasionally find one in their back yard. a three story high cage with birds, including an eagle. Rats 1.5 feet long not including the tail. When the bears got fed the rats would wait till the bears were done then would get their fill.
Dad leaned how to swim with water wings. Jane, Bob, Grandpa could all swim--a little girl that was smaller that him made a perfect dive into the water and then dad gave up his inner tube. Dad was about 8 years old.
Grandma Kermott was born about 2 miles west of Oconto. The house doesn't exist anymore. Uncle Billy. Deputy Sherif. Went over a R.R. track on his police motorcycle in Lena, WI (near oconto falls)
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