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Rev. William Judson Kermott

My Family

Edward Kermott
Amelia Ann (Payson) Kermott
Rev. William Judson Kermott
b. Feb 17, 1833   d. Jan 1892
Married Amanda S. (Ronian) Kermott
on Nov 22, 1855
Frank (Ronian) William Kermott
Maud Scott (Kermott) Bond

(KFB says marriage was Nov 29, 1855. Rev E. J. Scott Baptist Preacher performed the marriage in Yorkshire Centre, Caltaragus, NY)

William was born Feb 17, 1833 in Carolton Co. N.B., Canada.

William was a chaplain in the civil war. It is from him that we have the sword (which we have not been able to find for years--since we moved from Walworth in 1988). Dad speculated that William had picked up the sword off a battle field. Chaplainís were not issued swords in the military. Grandma Ruby used to use the sword regularly as a lever to lift couches while she vacuumed. That is how it got the dents in the scabbard.

He [Rev. William Judson Kermott, born in 1833 in Carolton Co. N.B., Canada] held a pastorate in the town of Almond, New York, happily married [Amanda Kermott, maiden name was Ronian, born in Boston, Erie County, N.Y., Sept. 21, 1836]
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