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Robert Kermott
Jane (Cretney) Kermott
Edward Kermott
b. July 9, 1793   d. Dec 11, 1878
Married Amelia Ann (Payson) Kermott
on July 20, 1817
Rev. William Judson Kermott
Charles Holland Kermott
John Weslie Kermott
Leah Elizabeth (Kermott) Scott
Dr. Edward Payson Kermott
Mary Scott (Kermott) Patterson
Ephriam Holland Kermott
Abigail Amelia Kermott
Thomas Boyd Kermott

Born July 9, 1793 in or near Douglas, IOM.
Christened July 14, 1793 at Kirk Marown, IOM.
Married July 20, 1817 in a Methodist Church, Cornwallis Twp, Kings, Nova Scotia
Died Dec 11, 1878 in Brookfield, Missouri
Letter to Maud from Charles Holland Kermott regarding Edward's History
Letter from
Charles to Maud
Letter to Maud from George Edward Kermott regarding Edward's History
Letter from G.E.
Kermott to Maud

Edward was born on the Isle of Man, in or near Douglas. He was Christened in Kirk Marown (Manx Gaelic for Marown Church). I would guess that he lived in or within 5 miles of Douglas. When Edward was 13 his father died and he went to live on the Kermott estate with his Uncle John. Edward had good handwriting and was employed by his Uncle to copy forms. Edward left the isle after failing to tip his hat to his Uncle (which made John angry). He went to London and eventaully went to work on a ship. He left his service to the Captain in New Brunswick, Canada and raised a family there.

See the Famliy Papers for more information.

I know that Edward had 9 children...

Notes from the Family Bible Births Page 2
Edward Kermott b. July 9, 1793 in Kirk Marown IOM
Amelia Payson Kermott b. Jan 19, 1792 in Anapolis, Nova Scottia

John William Kermott b. March 27, 1819 in Wakefield County, New Brunswick
Leah Elizabeth (Kermott) Scott b. Jan 30, 1821 in Wakefield
Edward Payson Kermott b. April 1, 1823 in Wakefield
Mary Scott Kermott b. Dec 4, 1826 in Wakefield
Ephriam Holland Kermott b. April 4, 1827* in Wakefield
Thomas Boyd Kermott b. Nov 11, 1828 in Wakefield
Abigal Amelia Kermott b. Nov 11, 1830 in Wakefield
William Judson Kermott b. Feb 17, 1833 in Wakefield
Charles Holland Kermott b. May 1, 1836 in Niagra Falls, Canada West

* Years are hard to read or are in question.
I realize that Ephriam couldn't have been born 5 months after Mary.

A Village situated in the Township of Whitchurch, County of York, C.W. - distant from Toronto, 30 miles - usual stage fare, 5s.


GUERNSEY, E., dealer in dry goods, groceries, crockery and hardware, also licensed auctioneer, and general agent, goods of all kinds taken on commission
FORSYTHE, J., hotelkeeper, a large new brick house, with excellent accommodation for travellers, a large court room on the premises, in which the division court and offices are held.
Adams, William, carpenter
Beacher, G., carpenter
Bellshaw, G., waggonmaker
Bell, G., blacksmith
Borthwick, H.J., master of grammar school
Buntlin & Allan, foundry
Boulton, D., barrister and attorney at law
Brodie, J., carpenter
Cawthra, John, general store
Corgell, A., blacksmith
Cotter, G.S., miller
Chartler, Dr. H., physician
Davis, Mrs., storekeeper
Elvage, J., threshing machine maker
Garbret, William, carpenter
Goodfellow, Rev. John, Wesleyan Methodist
Gorham, Eli, J.P.
Gorham, C., cloth manufacturer
Graham, William, waggonmaker
Guernsey, A., storekeeper
Hewett, J., innkeeper
Hodgson, Rev., ----, Congregationalist
Kermott, E., carriage factory
Howd, Rev., J.E., Baptist
Kirkpatrick, R., storekeeper
Hunt, John, miller
M'Cawthen, ---, storekeeper
M'Kay, J., blacksmith and waggonmaker
M'Nab & Boultbee, barristers and attornies at law
Millard, J., cabinetmaker
Mosier, T., innkeeper
Nash, Dr. G., physician
Quinlan, Rev., James, Roman Catholic
Ramsay, Rev., S.F., Church of England
Roodhouse, S., cabinetmaker
Roe, William, storekeeper
Shaw, H., district school master
Simpson, William, brewer
Smith, R.H., storekeeper
Torrence, Mrs., storekeeper
Wallis, William, tanner
Ware, Dr. T.E., physician
White, G., blacksmith

Township Council - James Hartman, reeve, Henry Wiseman, deputy reeve; Samuel Parsons, John Macklem, and George Playter, councillors - John Bogart, treasurer, G.S., Porter, clerk
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