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If you have any information regarding the Kermott family, no matter how distant, please send me an email about it.

<--- We went to the Isle of Man in 2004. We found the tombstones that I believe were Edward's uncle John's family. Click on this picture to see the transcription of each tombstone. I have more pictures to come as well as a map of the graveyard.

Edward Kermott 1793 was born on the Isle of Mann near Douglas and was christened at Kirk Marown. The family papers refer to Edward's mother but they never mention a name (which is very irritating). Edward's father, William, was a school teacher. When William's father died, whose name also was William, the Kermott estate passed in it's entirity to William's brother, John. Edward's father was left with only his education and so became a school teacher. Edward learned much from his father but when Edward was 13 his father died and Edward; Edward's younger brother, William; and mother went to live on their Uncle John's estate which was 5 miles out of Douglas. Edward was put to work copying forms for his Uncle's Business. There is much more detailed in the family papers.
William Judson Kermott 1833 was born in Carolton County, New Brunswick, Canada. He was the 2nd youngest child of Edward and Amelia. He married Amanda Ronian who was born in NB. and whose parents were from Holland. He served in the Civil War as a chaplain before becoming a missionary to the Wild West and traveling the Sante-Fe Trail.
Frank (Ronien) William Kermott 1859 lived in Milwaukee and was burried there in 1935. He would speak in church regarding his rememberances of the Santa-Fe trail and his travels by covered wagon. He owned the "Big Iron Block" in downtown Milwaukee.
Percival (Percy) Bond Kermott 1886 was an insurance adjuster during the great depression. Dad excuses his jokes by saying that they belonged to his father--I wonder how far back the excuses went. From what I understand Frank also had a good sense of humor. (Other's usually groan at Kermott jokes and wives say not to encourage telling of more jokes).
William Joseph Kermott 1922 was born in Milwaukee at a very early age. He is a pastor in the American Baptist Convention and is now semi-retired. He has accepted an interim-pastorship of the Ottowa Baptist Church (which he pastored 30 years ago)
Abbreviations used in these pages:
KFB: Kermott Family Bible
DOB: Date of Birth
DOM: Date of Marriage
DOD: Date of Death
IOM: Isle of Mann
FTI: Family Tree Image
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