David’s notes on pictures

John and Clarissa (Irene) Allen
MomDadKermott: Grandma really was called Irene, but I like her first name
DKermott: Was Irene her middle name?
MomDadKermott: Yes it was her middle name. Grandpa died when Pres. Kennedy was shot and Johnny was just a few months old.
MomDadKermott: Grandma had died, I think just a few months before Grandpa
MomDadKermott: do you want me to look at some more?

DKermott: http://dkermott.dynip.com/Pictures/Unknown7.jpg
DKermott: I know that’s you. But I wondered what else you’d want to say about it.
MomDadKermott: That was when I worked at Badger Ordinance in Baraboo, in their clinic there. That was Dr. Cox beside me, I remember. Dad was a fireman there , before that.

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