Edward Kermott obit

Brookfield Gazette

Dec 12, 1878



            Kermott—Wednesday morning, December, 11, 1878.  Edward Kermott aged 87 years.  The funeral services will be held at the residence of E. J. Scott, Sunday the 15 inst., at 11 o’clock, A. M.  The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend.

            “Father Kermott,” whose death and last obsequies are above announced was a native of the Isle of Man, afterward lived in New Brunswick, and later in Canada, whence after the death of his wife seven years ago, he came to Brookfield, and has since resided with his son-in-law Rev. E., J. Scott.  Mr. Kermott was a man of dep and earnest piety, having been a Christian from his boyhood.  His faith remained firm, and his reliance upon God sure, to the last.  His surviving children are Dr. J. W. Kermott of Detroit, Rev. W. J. Kermott of Chicago, who was here on a visit a short time since, Rev. C. H. Kermott now in Canada, and Mrs. M. J. Scott of Brookfield.  Father Kermott has lived to a ripe old age, and his memory will ever be precious to all who ever know him.

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