Kermott Chronicles
Maud Scott (Kermott) Bond

My Family

Rev. William Judson Kermott
Amanda S. (Ronian) Kermott
Maud Scott (Kermott) Bond
Married Edgar Warren Bond
on Jan 6, 1885
Jayson Kermott Bond
LeRoy Frank Bond
Marie Maud Bond
Edgar Warren Bond, Jr.
Addison Gordon Bond

Letter to Maud from Charles Holland Kermott regarding Edward's History
Letter to Maud
From C.H.Kermott
re: Edward
Letter to Maud from George Edward Kermott regarding Edward's History
Letter to Maud
From G.E. Kermott
re: Edward

Excerpt from a Message by Frank Kermott regarding the Sante Fe Trail: "So we journeyed to the land of the blue sky where the Spaniards had settled in the 1600ís , the land of Poco Tiempo, the land of pretty soon, where nothing was done to day that could be done to morrow. We lived in part of a great house half a block square , walls of adobe, no outside windows. The door was an unusual gate opening to the street. Through this came people and live stock in to a great court the house of the human, little donkey, chickens and dogs. In this house of mud walls with a dirt floor my sister Maud Kermott Bond was born, the mother of Gordon and Marie.
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