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Amber Leigh Kermott
b. 1/11/1993  

Amber was born at the Hoffman Estates Medical Center on Barrington Road in Hoffman Estates and weighed 8lb. 6 oz. when born. When she was a little over 1 year old we moved into a house in Elgin, IL. She learned to walk shortly after this at about 16 months of age.

Amber has an eye condition called Ocular Albinism (OA) (She has no pigmint in the back of her eye) which results in other eye problems such as Nystagmus (an eye condition characterised by rapid, jerky eye movements) as the eye tries to focus it tries to adjust by making the eyes jerk back and forth, astigmatism (the cornia is shaped like a football and not oval which causes light rays to focus on two points on the retina instead of one), Strabismus (lazy-eye), and sensitivity to light. The main problem with OA is that a nub at the back of the eye called the fovea did not complete developing due to the lack of melanin pigmint. The fovea usually completes development before birth and so it is not correctable with glasses. Amber has poor depth perception which makes it difficult to participate in some types of sports. Frizby is right out. :( Amber is an excellent reader and can see very well for having OA. She has a null point (she needs to turn her head to help her focus on an object). She is also very emotionally sensitive about her eyes. It is important that adults know about her condition but also important that they treat her the same as other children (with consideration of visual-aids the teacher uses). By no means should she be publicly singled out in front of other children. It is not likely that she could share a book or paper with another child.

Amber is in the Top Right.

Rachael, Courtney, Amber, William
Amber and Courtney both have OA. Courtney's seems to mostly consist of a slight Nystagmus. Her vision seems very good."
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