Kermott Chronicles
Renee Eunice Kermott

My Family

Steve Wilder
Janet Marie (Carlson) Wilder
Renee Eunice Kermott
b. Apr 30, 1971  
Married David Emerson Kermott
on June 30, 1990
Amber Leigh Kermott
Rachael Marie Kermott
William Joseph Kermott
Courtney Renee Kermott
Ian Michael Kermott
David Emerson Kermott II

This is David writing:
My brother (Bill) was the pastor of a small EV free church in Tomah and they were attempting to get us together for some time. There was one time when I was at their church (with an ex-girlfriend) that I was talking to some girls after the service and I remember having this thought hit me... I'm going to marry the girl sitting in the middle. I dismissed it 'cause I liked the girl I was dating. Three years passed and girlfriends came and went and after a long day working at Tommy Bartlett's I decided to give Renee a call.

1 year old Renee.

This is a picture of my '69 AMC Hornet, Manual transmission (3 in the tree) with my (then girlfriend) wife, Renee on top.
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