Kermott Genealogy Book

I compiled a book of Kermott genealogy information. Family trees, papers, pictures, notes, even outlandish hand-me-down stories that most likely grew in the telling. There may be some kernel of truth so it doesn’t hurt to consider.

This book is only available for family. If you can prove your relation I will sell one to you. I haven’t printed one in years but I’ve been making corrections and updates. A genealogy book like this is only up-to-date for a moment.

Printing custom books like this is not quick, easy, or inexpensive. I mostly break even on out-of-pocket costs for printing, toner, cover, boxing, and shipping. I will need to calculate a cost and do a bulk printing if others are interested around the same time.

There were many people contacted but very few were interested to assist in correcting their information — or returning my calls or letters. Please use the Email page to let me know of your interest.

Kermott Genealogy Book
(available only to family members)