Kermott Lineage

Kermott Lineage:

[Notes by David E. Kermott from May 5, 1997 to May x, 1997. I have consulted with my father, Rev., William J. Kermott to obtain true dates and certain facts that I did not already know. The Leigh family already has quite a good documented lineage recorded so I will focus on the Kermott branch. The Pease and Allen side of my family will be documented elsewhere.]

Joseph Leigh
Apphia Couillard
Married in Feb 1850

William Judson (Jan, 1892)
Amanda S. Ricker (Sept 21, 1836 to Nov 13, 1905)
Married circa 1856
William was a chaplain in the civil war. It is from him that we have the sword (which is in my brother John’s possession) Dad expects that William had picked up the sword off the battle field. Chaplain’s were not issued swords in the military.

[Percy] Percival Bond Kermott (September 1880?-1955?)
Ruby Ethel Leigh (April 4, 1887 to Dec 5, 1984?)
Married on June ?, 1917 in ?.
Percival was a claims estimator for an insurance company in Milwaukee during the depression and was able to support his family well considering the rough times.
Percival and Ruby had two children: Robert ? (1924?-1978?) and William Joseph (1931-present)

Robert Leigh Kermott (Feb 22, 1919 to )
Helen A. Skowronski (Nov 24, 1922 to January 29, 1986)
Married on 1945 in NW Milwaukee Catholic Church.
Robert (divorced)
Kathy (three children two girls and a boy)*Incomplete Notes* Robert married ? on June ?, 1945. Robert served in WWII and died of Diabetes in 1978. He was in a wheelchair for the last two years of his life. I remember visiting them at their home in Milwaukee, WI back in 1977. They had a one story, tan, brick house with two parakeets next to a picture of their father.
They had no children.

Rev., William Joseph Kermott (Nov 10, 1922 to present)
Patricia Ann Pease (July 5, 1931 to present)
Married on August 2, 1953 in Wyocena, WI.
My father was the Pastor of the Union Baptist Church in Wyocena where he met mother. Mom was the first of three children of Emerson Roy Pease and Nyla Lucille Allen (See the Allen and Pease lineage documents). My dad was born and raised in Milwaukee. He attended Neskara Grade School, Stoyben Jr. High School on North Avenue, Washington High on Garfield Street, Northern Theological College (2 years of college and 3 years of seminary, Graduated from Carole college in one year (50-51). Student Pastor at Wyocena from (51-53) Northern Theological again (51-53) for a three year graduate course. Ordained in June 20, ’53. Two years at Fort Glen (53-63), Ottowa (63- March 73), Morenci MI (73-76), Walworth WI (76-88).

William and Patricia had six children:
Karen who married Wayne Carvell.
William Judson who married Wendy Sosher on June 24, 1974.
Susan who married William Hoyt, of Delevan, WI.
Carole Ann who married Kirk Rudalph Pfeil of Fontana WI on November 3, 1984.
John Allen who married Amy Lynn Harbold on May 27, 1989.
David Emerson who married Renee Eunice Wilder of Tomah, WI.

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