Leigh Family notes left by William J. Kermott (1922)

[Typed by David E. Kermott on May 12, 1997 from notes in my father’s possession.]

Hon. John Leigh died Oct. 5, 1893 at his home at Leighton Thursday evening at 8:30. Born in Dublin, County Kildare, Ireland on December 12, 1827—Came to the United States in 1838 settled in Maine where he resided until 1850 when he moved to Milwaukee and two years lated he came to Leighton, the place taking the name of its founder. He represented Oconto Country in the Assembly in 1875.

The funeral took place at his home on Sunday afternoon of Oct 8, 1893. The services being conducted by Rev L. D. Hopkin of St. Marks Episcopal church assisted by the choir of St. Marks.

Grandma Leigh was born (July 26) in Sidney Halifax as Esther Durgan, left there when 4 years old moved to Boston first then Marble Head, and then to Maine where she grew to womanhood. She was married to John Leigh on Feb 5, 1850 at Cutler, Maine

Grandma died the 28 of Dec 1922 funeral Jan 3, 1923

Thomas Leigh died Sat, Dec 2 or 3, 1911

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