Letter to Joseph Leigh from C. A. Adams on the death of Mrs. Leigh

[The following paper titled “Letter to Joseph Leigh on the death of his Wife” was typed by David E. Kermott on July 20, 1997. I am using Win95 with MS Office 97 Word for Windows. This letter was typed with blue ink on yellow brittle paper. I found this letter in my Dad’s photo albums]

March 18th, 1915

Mr.Joseph Leigh,

Mr.Dear Sir:-

I have just learned thru’ Mr.Parker of the sudden death of Mrs.Leigh.
Having enjoyed the hospitality of your home and received many courtesies from members of your family, I venture to address a word to you in your bereavement.
You mab be assured that my sympathies go out to you in your loss, for I can conceive of no earthly loss greater than to lose one’s wife, and the mother of one’s children.

[The bottom half of the letter is missing. The top half of page 2 follows]

What has been cannot be taken away from you, and in these hours, memory will be busy in recalling a thousand things that will enhanse her in your affections, and for the moment, make the parting harder.
You have lost your wife, yet you have not lost her, for her influence will abide thru’ your remaining years.
The empty chair will speak to you of her and every thing about your home will serve to recall your help mate and companion. Some of her words and counsel forgotten now, perhaps will speak themselves again.
Friends will lay away her body, but her spirit will always remain in your home and life.
A Diamond in the Rough,
The out cast on the street we see,
Whose clothes are worn and old,
We also see the millionaire, who
Plenty has of gold.
But the time will come, when he will
Find altho’ he has the stamps,
Before God’s judgement he will stand,
No richer than the tramp.

John 14 at the house.

Matt. 24:44, Text; Therefore be ye also ready.

121 Psalm,

Matt. 25.

Face to Face

Beautiful Isle of Somewhere.

What must it be to be there.

“Good night; Good night; as we so oft have said,
Beneath this roof at midnight, in the days
That are no more, and shall no more retun.
Thou has but taken thy lamp and gone to bed;
I stay a little longer, as one stays
To cover up the embers that still burn.”



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