Marown Parish / St. Runius Monument Inscriptions

[This tombstone was not near any other Kermott or Kermode tombstones. It was located between the road and the church almost centered on the rear wall of the church opposite of the door. ?David Kermott, March 14, 2002]

Here lieth the body of Edward Kermott of Corvonagh in this Parish; who departed this life the 19th of Aug 1812 Aged 32 years. For I know that thou wilt bring men to death, and to the house appointed for all living: —

[The next five tombstones were located all next to each other in a row at the rear left of the church yard. I do not recall seeing these inscriptions documented anywhere. ?David Kermott, March 14, 2002]

Sacred to the memory of Sarah Kermode daughter of John Kermotte of Ballamona in this Parish and Elizabeth Kermode alias Cain his wife who departed this life on the 19th of November of the year 1859 aged 21 years.

Sacred to the memory of John eldest son of Robert Kermode & Elizabeth his wife of Douglas who died the 5th of Dec 1845 aged 12 years.

Here rests the remains of John Kermott of Ballamona who died the 4th of Nov 1820 aged 57 years. All ye my friends that do come here repent believe you must appear before the great I AM!!! There on the right or left to stand. Also of Abigail Kermode alias Cretney wife of the above who departed of this life of the 20th of Dec 1847 aged 78 years.

Sacred to the memory of John Kermode. of Ballamona in this parish who departed this life in the 26th of Feb.y 1855. in the 65th year of his age. Through the infinite merit and atonement of his crucified redeemer he expired rejoicing with full assurance of glorious restoration to everlasting felicity. Also in memory of Elizabeth Kermode alias Cain wife of the above mentioned who departed this life 20th Oct 1863 aged 70 years.

To the memory of Chrif.r (Christopher?) son of John Kermott of Ballamona who departed this life Jan 15, 1809 in the 2nd year of his age. Life is more ? (rest of text is unreadable)

[It pained me to leave without figuring out what was left. I hope that the documents that I ordered will have this already transcribed on it. ?DEK, March 14, 2002]

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