William Judson Kermott Notes (c1860)

[Notes: Typed by David E. Kermott on February 17, 2001. My brother, John, received many newspaper clippings regarding to William Judson Kermott from the Santa Fe Library late last year.]

William Judson Kermott

Arozona Miner, April 6, 1864, 3-1.
Rev. William J. Kermott of Leavenworth, Kas., appointed by American Baptist Home Mission Society as missionary to Arizona, was to have sailed from New York on the 1st.

Santa Fe Gazette, July 23, 1864, 2-1.
Rev. William J. Kermott of the Baptist Home Missionary Society, will preach at the Hall of the House of Representatives on Sunday at half past ten o’clock.

New Mexican (Santa Fe), January 6, 1865, 2-4.
The first term of the Santa Fe English School will open on the 9th day of Jan. 1865: Rev. William J. Kermott, Superintendent, Mrs. Julia Etta Macdonald, Preceptress, and Mrs. A.R. Kermott teacher of voice and instrumental music.

New Mexican (Santa Fe), September 8, 1865, p. 2 c. 3
The fall term of the Santa Fe English School will open 11th of September, 1865, under the superintendence of Rev. Wmn J. Kermott. This Institution furnishes a good opportunity for securing and English and Musical education.

[DEK – This article followed right after the Sept 8 article on William. I include it because of it’s historical significance to the times in which William lived.]

Las Vegas, N. M., Aug 31, 1865.
Messrs, Editors:–A duel occured here this morning, between two privates of the 1st Call Cavalry, in which one of the belligerents was mortally woounded. They fought on horseback with Navy Revolvers. The wounded man exoinerates his more fortunate antagnoist from all blame. I have not learned their names or cause of difficulty. The whole country is in a ferment about the non-arrival of the “New Mexican.”

Santa Fe Gazette, March 17, 1866, 2-2
Mr. Kermott, who has been in this city about a year, preaching under the auspices of the Baptist Home Mission Society, left with his family for the States on Wednesday last. The Society has a very imperfect idea of the manner in which to accomplish the work which it proposes for itself in New Mexico. [DEK: I speculate that William was not pleased with the way the BHMS was handling affairs and went back to New York to discuss planning.]

On January 1, 1865, in this city, by Rev. W. J. Kermott, Frank C. Macdonald to Julie Etta M. Ronian, all of Santa Fe N.M.

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